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- Two new Resonator Guitars
- New Celtic Models
- New High Strung Guitar
- Exciting new Ozark banjos
- The Ozark Chris Leslie signature mandolin
- New Ozark Deluxe models
- Request the Ozark brochure
- Joe Brown plays Ozark.
- Over 180 Ozark Main Dealers...
- Ozark in action...
Two New Ozark Resonator Guitars

Ozark has just added two fantastic new resonator guitars to its already successful range. In our commitment to quality and design Ozark is constantly developing new models and these two resonators are available to try and buy at your nearest Ozark dealer:

Ozark Deluxe Wooden Spider Resonator with Distressed Finish

This is a guitar that really sounds and looks the part, with a distressed finish that gives that preloved look. Easy to play, harder to put down, it has a great resonator tone that's ideal for both slide and finger picking styles.

Ozark Slimline Biscuit Resonator with Cutaway

Perfect for playing on or off stage, the great amplified resonator tone of this guitar is combined with easy upper fret access and a slimline body.

New Celtic Models

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of models, Ozark has redesigned the 2240 mandolin family instruments. The mandolin, mandola and bouzouki now feature our distinctive Celtic knot sound hole, a design that is picked up by matching wooden fingerboard inlays. These Ozark models are now all solid wood construction and are fitted with a diecast tailpiece.

The mandolin and bouzouki are both also available with an Artec transducer bridge and ME2 EQ unit. Try out these new instruments at your local Ozark dealer.
New High Strung Guitar

Ozark has introduced a new high-strung guitar to their small-bodied range. Sharing the body size of Ozark's successful and sought-after tenor guitar, it has been designed with 'Nashville' tuning in mind. Whilst maintaining the standard EADGBE tuning, the lower four strings are tuned an octave higher, resulting in a very bright sound that gives an interesting twist to all of your favourite chord progressions. Experience the Ozark high strung guitar at your nearest Ozark dealer.

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Exciting New Ozark Banjos

The latest Ozark banjo models are creating a stir. The 2113G open back 'frailing' banjo is an excellent natural maple open back banjo, ideal for playing old time, frailing and clawhammer styles. It features a walnut rim and neck with a frailer scoop on its rosewood fingerboard.
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Another recent model is the very affordable 2109RG 5 string banjo. The attractive looks of this banjo are matched by great tonal quality and volume. It has a maple shell and resonator with rolled brass tone ring. This is an excellent banjo for most styles of playing.
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The Ozark Chris Leslie signature mandolin

Fairport Convention's Chris Leslie has been a proud owner and player of Ozark mandolins and bouzoukis for many years. He has collaborated with Ozark to produce his own signature model Ozark mandolin. Chris is delighted with the result in terms of sound, both acoustic and electric and has praised its playability and attactive looks. This mandolin is ideal for both promising players and gigging musicians.
"For me, this has been a unique opportunity to come up with a mandolin that feels great to play, sounds wonderful both acoustically and using the pick up, which gets a really good acoustic mandolin sound, and it also looks beautiful! It is the mandolin I now record with acoustically, and plug in to use on stage with Fairport Convention and St.Agnes Fountain. I just love it! "
– Chris Leslie

New Ozark Deluxe models

Due to popular demand the Ozark Deluxe range continues to grow with the arrival of three new models. These distinctive high quality guitars feature all solid construction from selected AAA Grade timbers and are fitted with D 'Addario EXP strings.

The 3756 'D' model is a beautiful guitar with a vintage style finish and Tree of Life abalone inlaid 12 fret neck - it looks and sounds fantastic. Also new are the 3761 Ozark Deluxe small body steel string guitar with 12 fret neck and a new parlour guitar (3736) with solid back and sides. Try one at your nearest Ozark dealer.

Ozark Brochure

The Ozark brochure containts details of the finest value guitars, banjos, mandolins and other fretted instruments available today. It confirms Ozark's reputation for fine quality, fine workmanship and unbeatable value. To receive a copy of the Ozark brochure, send an email to: ozark@stentor-music.com
Joe Brown plays Ozark

'60s pop star Joe Brown recently visited Stentor, together with his son Pete and his guitarist Neil Gauntlett, after being impressed by the Ozark instruments on display at the Music Live Show. Having tried many models from the full Ozark range they purchased 3515BTEG and 3515SQ resonator guitars, a 2255 and a 2256 mandolin, and are mulling over adding a 2037 ukulele banjo, a 2257S mandola and a 2244E 'F' model bouzouki. Joe commented that these were professional standard instruments at realistic prices.
Over 180 Ozark Main Dealers

There are now more than 180 Ozark Main Dealers spread throughout the UK. This network of shops means you're never far from experiencing the great sound of an Ozark guitar, banjo or mandolin. Look up your nearest dealer by clicking on the map in the Ozark Main Dealer section.
Ozark in action

Chris Leslie of Fairport Convention is the
happy owner of an Ozark mandolin (2255).

Chris also plays an Ozark 'F' model bouzouki (2244E ).

"The Ozark mandolin feels great to play.
It's my on-the-road instrument with
Fairport Convention"

- Chris Leslie

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