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Ozark's reputation for quality is backed up by an impressive list of players. Performers who play Ozark guitars, banjos, mandolins and other folk instruments are not paid to endorse our instruments, nor do we give free instruments to artists to increase our profile. They have chosen Ozark for the same reasons all Ozark players do - because of the high quality of the instruments and the great sounds and tone quality. Given the huge choice of guitars and instruments available today, we are delighted that all these well-known artists choose Ozark. Ozark really is the musician's choice:

Mick Abrahams (Ex-Jethro Tull)
Ian Anderson
The Beagles
Joe Brown
Pete Brown (son of Joe)
Dave Burn (Ahab)
Mike C (Sisters in Grease)
Beth Nielsen Chapman
John Dowling
Neil Gauntlett
Robbie Gladwell (Cockney Rebel, Suzi Quatro)
Peter Green
The Gutterhearts
Ed Harcourt
Ashley Hutchings
Rowland Jones (Joe Brown)
Chris Leslie
The Levellers
Country Winston Marshall (Mumford & Sons)
Mickey Moody
Gary Moore
Ken Nicol
Phil Odgers (The Men They Couldn't Hang, Swill and the Swagger Band)
Andy Partridge (XTC)
Dave Pegg
Luke Price (Ahab)
Rick Sanders
Paul Simmonds (The Men They Couldn't Hang)
Tom Spencer (The Men They couldn't Hang / Banjoey Ramone)
Neil Taylor
Sonny West (The Congo Faith Healers)


If you are an artist or member of a band, who owns and plays Ozark instruments on a CD currently available for purchase on an independent label, you may qualify for inclusion in this listing. If you wish to be considered, please email: ozark@stentor-music.com with your details

Sisters in Grease - Sisters in Grease (Album)

Formed in 2008 Sisters in Grease were launched at the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival. The duo, named after a song title, play an original brand of acoustic bottleneck blues.

Mike C who uses an Ozark 3515E Resonator for both gigging and recording and says "It was love at first play, it's little wonder the late great Gary Moore was such an enthusiast".


Neil Taylor - Chasing Butterflies (Hypertension)

Neil uses an Ozark 3515BTE for slide guitar.

Neil Taylor has worked with many artists including...Robbie Williams, Tears For Fears, Morrissey, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Natalie Imbruglia, Trevor Horn, James Morrison and many more.

Listen to the guitar on 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' or 'Women in Chains' [Tears for Fears]; 'Rock DJ', 'Come Undone', 'Feel' and 'Kids' [Robbie Williams]; 'International Playboys'[Morrissey] 'Steamy Windows' [Tina Turner] and Rush hour [Jane Weidlin]. He has toured and recorded with Robbie Williams since 2002.

Neil has signed a European record deal with Hypertension Records and has been promoting his album 'No Self Control" (2011). He has just release his first acoustic album 'Chasing Butterflies' (2012).

He is touring Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Holland until the end of October 2012... Neil is also supporting Newton Faulkner at The London Acoustic Guitar Show on 22nd September.

Blue Horzyon
A folk/rock band from Cornwall. They use an Ozark 2145G as their lead instrument: Nathan Cole on 5 string Banjo, Sam Wilson on guitar, Seb Wilson on Double Bass and Lyndon Baldwin on Drums. They perform original material and quirky popular covers.
Tracey Browne
Heartfelt melodic songs that echo the spirit of Kirsty MacColl. A brilliant voice which can swoop from a rock holler to a tender whisper, and a lively spunky stage presence
'Everyone Is Ordinary'
www.teamtracey.co.uk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NozdIxnivW4
Bill Lloyd - Willy Ruby
(Wildwood, catalogue no WILD CD 20104)
Bill plays an Ozark 2142G banjo and an Ozark Tenor guitar
Bex Marshall - Kitchen Table
(House of Mercy Records)
Christopher Rees - Alone On A Mountain Top
(Red Eye Records)
www.christopherrees.co.uk or www.myspace.com/christopherrees
Stevie Lawrence - The Hidden Gem
(Big Sky Records)

Uses an Ozark Tenor Guitar (3372), Ozark bouzouki (2244E) and Ozark resonator bouzouki
Swill & The Swaggerband - Elvis Lives Here (Irregular Records)
(Swill & Tom play Ozark mandolins)
The Congo Faith Healers - Ju Ju Mix

Sonny West owns and plays Ozark 3515E and 3515BTE resonators.


One Man Band

Pat Crilly owns and plays 6 Ozark instruments, including Ozark 5 string banjo (2112G), Ozark F model bouzouki (2244) and Ozark Chris Leslie Signature F model mandolin (2255CL).


- The Rubbergum Volume 2 EP (Vertigo Records)

Chris Potter plays an Ozark resonator (3515)



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We always welcome your feedback. If you would like to contact us, please email: ozark@stentor-music.com


We often receive unsolicited praise and comments from Ozark players. Here are just a few of them:

I used the banjo "in public" today at a Scots Music Group class, of c 25 people , including accordions, cellos, a dozen fiddles, etc. and the instrument was very satisfactory in both volume & quality. I think I will get a lot of pleasure from playing it in future!
Peter Verity, Edinburgh

3515 & 3515BTE resonators

I have been playing guitars for over 25 years on an international professional level and had just about every guitar going, from vintage Gretsches to modern Fenders - these two Ozark models I am using now are the only guitars I use on a professional level. They have great necks, stay in tune and they are very reasonably priced, so I am able to carry spares as I need them.

The 3515E is the one I always use on stage as it has an electro acoustic sound, but with the advantage of a single cutaway, making the neck faster for runs and scales.

Sonny West - The Congo Faith Healers

3515E Ozark Electro-Acoustic Resonator "Cheap and cheerful but it makes a better sound than any of the other cheaper to mid range price guitars of a similar type that I have tried and it feels good to play, and as far as I'm concerned that's the job completed!"

Mick Abrahams (Ex-Jethro Tull)

Last week I went into the centre of my home town, Swindon, intending to buy myself some much needed trousers. Passing a music shop on my way home I wandered in to browse idly. My eyes were caught by a lovely little jewel hanging on the wall, an Ozark 3135 'Parlour guitar'. Being a sucker for small bodied guitars I took it down and strummed a little. It felt really good in my hands with an easy friendly feel to the fretboard, and best of all kept a sweet tuning right up to the octave, a basic essential that is sadly missing in a lot of acoustic guitars ten times the cost.

The tone was bright and middle heavy without any booming bass{as you'd expect a small body to give you} but there was also no 'boxy' tone that many small bodies can kick out, just a great "snap' for rhythm playing. It also looked classy and was well finished in inlay, frets and varnish terms. When the assistant told me the price, well, that clinched it. I just had to have this gem of an instrument even though I hadn't intended to buy anything, it was simply love at first strum. As soon as I got home, the all important new trousers bought earlier in the day were flung in the corner and from then on this beautiful little beast has barely left my grasp. I sense my Martin D35 is a tad jealous.
Andy Partridge, XTC

3515 Ozark Resonator
I use an Ozark Resonator guitar for slide and open tuning material and used the guitar extensively on my second album 'Alone On A Mountain Top'. I have also toured extensively throughout the UK with it. In fact when I toured Canada (Oct 2005 and June 2007) and New Zealand (February 2006) it was the one guitar that I chose to travel with.
Christopher Rees

Gary Moore owns an Ozark 3515BTE thinline resonator and used it for his first-ever acoustic blues track on record. His Ozark guitar can be heard on the track 'Sundown' on his latest album: 'Close as You Get'. "I used an Ozark resonator that I bought in a little store about two minutes from my house in Hove," Moore explains. "The guy said to me, 'Try this little Ozark...they sound great'. I really liked it, so I bought it on the spot and took it home. This was just before Christmas and I ended up sitting home playing it around Christmas to people in the house. I love the way if you hit it a little harder it gets twice as loud. It's really dynamic - if you dig into it it just suddenly shouts at you and the sound gets really loud. The weight is there, but it's got a much skinnier body than most resonators, so you can hold it much closer to you and it's not cumbersome to use."
Gary Moore talking about the Ozark resonator he used on his album: Close As It Gets (from Guitar Buyer magazine - Nov 2007)

2109G Ozark open-back banjo "I absolutely love it and consequently I use it live at gigs and for recordings. Due to its cost, weight and quality I've also recommended it to many of my students, many of whom have gone on to order one. Many people after my shows also quiz me about the little banjo that sounds so good."
John Dowling - banjo player. He featured in the BBC 'Play It Again' series as Frank Skinner's 2nd teacher

Ozark 2109G 5 string open back banjo
"I carry an Ozark 2109G on my travels offshore. I bought it in Aberdeen about 3 years ago, as an impulse buy while tied up alongside for several days. Since then it's been to West Africa and Tunisia with me. It's a nice light, robust instrument, doesn't seem affected by the changes in climate. Just the job for travelling" - Bryan Lambert

2141G Ozark five-string banjo
"Absolutely beautiful sound that just encourages me to play more. Time flies and I usually end up late for appointments because I keep playing."
Richard Irwin - Tyne & Wear

"A while ago I bought a 3139 Ozark Guitar for my son to learn on which we are very pleased with. More recently I bought the Ozark 3330 travel guitar for taking on holidays etc and as yet I have not put it down. You can just sit the whole evening with it in position and not feel uncomfortable. What an excellent, deceptive little instrument. (I have not touched my Yamaha acoustic since)."
James Thomas - Sheffield

I bought a few days ago a new Ozark travel banjo model (2038) which I'm pleased with as it's perfect for bringing offshore out here in the North Sea. For your information I also have a very nice, thin bodied, Ozark (2250) mandolin out here too. At home I have an Ozark 3515SQ resonator which was amazing value for such a great sounding instrument.
Pat Crilly - From the SSCV S7000, Frigg Field, North Sea.

Since seeing your catalogue we've set our hearts on "three" further Ozark instruments (2255E -F Mandolin / 2215 Resonator Bouzouki and the 3386 (Butterfly) Electro-acoustic guitar!!! You really do make the most beautiful instruments!) Thank you again for all your kindness and help - we'll be sure to fly the Ozark flag over here for you, rest assured!
Dave and Jeanette Waite, Holland

I was looking for an electro-acoustic resonator 3515BTEG, but the shop only had acoustics. I tried a couple of years ago some 'Django' type guitars and really liked them but I don't play jazz so didn't buy one. Anyhow in the shop there was the Ozark Hot Club and I tried it and it came home with me. The Hot Club has inspired me and I have been in the studio; and have written two jazz songs already.
Stitch (www.myspace.com/stitchguitar)


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